Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights and Responsibilities


Deepa Kannan Hospital is committed to provide quality care and provide both rights and responsibilities.this summary of patient rights and responsibilities describe how you can participate in receiving quality care .further information is available at the office.kindly feel free to discuss these with your nurse or contact the reception for help


  • To be treated with respect and courtesy.
  • To receive safe, considerate, ethical and cost effective medical care.
  • To have your individual special preferences, cultural,spritual and psychosocial needs respected.
  • To have your privacy and personal dignity maintained
  • To expect that information regarding your care will be treated as confidential.
  • To protect you from physical abuse or neglect.
  • To seek informed consent before carrying out procedures.
  • To refuse treatment.
  • To receive information on how to voice a complaint.
  • To receive information on the expected cost of treatment.
  • To seek an additional opinion regarding clinical care.
  • To have an access to your clinical records.


  • To respect hospital personnel.
  • To respect care givers effort to provide care for other patients.
  • To the considerate of other patients privacy,confidentiality,spirutual and cultural needs and to see that your visitors do the same.
  • To respect hospital property.